The Gospel of Mary and Magdalenic Gnosis

Dr. Lewis Keizer

A Three-Module Seminar to Recover the Authentic Mary Magdalene
and her Apostolic Tradition

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MODULE ONE: The Women Disciples of Mar Yeshua

Guide to trustworthy research and literature about Miriam of Magdala
Rabbi Yeshua's radical break from tradition to accept women disciples
Yeshua's many contacts with women
Women disciples in the New Testament writings
The Inner Circle of women disciples
Women disciples as prophetesses
Mary Magdelene as chief female disciple
Paul's women apostles: 40% of early church leadership was female
Marginalization, suppression, and final exclusion of women's leadership after Paul's generation
Marginalization of Mary Magdalene's Apostolic Tradition: Mary the Repentant Whore

In Quest of the Historical Miriam of Magdala

Disappearance of Mary from Jerusalem Church
Opposition of Peter
The Sainte-Baume Legend: Mary in Gaul
The Merovingian Legend: Mother of Holy Bloodline
Lover of Jesus? Mary was probably older than Jesus' Mother!
The Eastern Orthodox Legend: Rome, St. John, and Ephesus

The Probably History: Galilee, Rome, St. John, and Ephesus
Mary the beloved apostle
Mary Magdalene as the “Beloved Disciple” of Johannine tradition
Mary's Legacy: The Church at Ephesus

The Gospel of Mary: Initiation into the Mysteries of the Malkuth
Greek and Coptic versions of the Gospel of Mary
Apostolic Gnosis vs. Gnosticism
Gnostic Redaction and the Kernal of Magdalenic Tradition in the Gospel
Secret Gospel of Mark
Jewish Wisdom Tradition (Hochmah, Sophia) and Kabbalah of
Jewish and Christian Merkabah ascent to Throne of God
Hermetic Initiatic ascent through Heavens to Odgoad
Incarnational descent and after-death ascent of Hellenistic soul
Legendary ascents of Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene's Initiation into the Razim ha-Malkuth (“Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven”) by
The significance of Magdalenic Gnosis for 21st Century Christianity