The Home Temple
School of Sacred

The Home Temple offers online courses leading to valid Apostolic Ordination into Diaconate, Priesthood, and consecration as an Independent Bishop. To learn about the ordination programs, go to and take the links to Program, then Curriculum, and Tuition. Degree and Certificate programs are also offered. Some of their content is also online as part of the Wisdom Seminars offerings. For all programs of the School of Sacred Studies, take this link: SACRED STUDIES.

Here are links to the access pages for current online Home Temple ordination and degree modules:

TO RUN THE JAVA PRESENTATIONS: You must have java version 7. Open the Java Control Panel. Click on SECURITY tab. Move the slider to lowest setting (Medium). Come back to this page and click on the module you want. When you click on the presentation, your browser will ask if you want to use Java. Say yes. You can move the SECURITY slider back to its middle position ater your viewing for extra security. ALSO, you must use INTERNET EXPLORER or FOXFIRE for passwords because Chrome and others including the Mac browsers don't work with my html passwords. These can be downloaded free for Mac and PC.


The Diaconate Studies

The Priesthood Studies


The Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) Program 
(Degree awarded upon successful completion of Priesthood Studies and the Seminar entitled MAR YESHUA: THE UNKNOWN JESUS)

The Doctor of Vitalistic Healing (D.V.H.) Degree Program