The Yeshua Seminar


The Easter Yeshua Seminar and Retreat


Complete Multimedia Presentations from a Four-Day Easter Weekend Retreat with Dr. Lewis Keizer
Author of Yeshua: The Unknown Jesus

The Authentic Aramaic Teachings and Kabbalistic Practices  of Mar Yeshua, The Master Jesus

TUITION: $200 for Eleven Hours of Multimedia Lecture-Seminars





    Recommended Reading Available as E-Books at  

·              Yeshua: The Unknown Jesus, Lewis Keizer

·              The Authentic Jesus, Lewis Keizer

·              Keys of the Master, Lewis Keizer



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    Basor        The Eternal Gospel Proclaimed by Yeshua, but not by Christianity

                                    Malkuth  The Invisible Sovereignty of Heaven Revealed on Earth

                                    Bar Enash The Advent of a New Humanity


     Razim        The Mysteries of the Divine Malkuth

                                    Ruach Ha-Qodesh; Hokmah  Godhead as Immanent Mother-Teacher

                                    Mikveh  Initiation by Water and Spiritual Rebirth through the Ruach Ha-Qodesh

                                    ‘Olamim  Kabbalistic Worlds, States of Existence of Divine Emanation

                                    Shaitan, Qlippoth, Elil  Power over Dark Forces that Enslave Humanity

                                    Mashiah, Bar Enash The New Humanity Anointed to Share Divine Sovereignty

                                    Mishqad  The Midnight Merkabah Ascent into the Heavens; Vigil; “Watch”


    Halakah    The Path of Spiritual Living Taught by Yeshua

                                    Talmid  Disciple as Reborn into Messianic Humanity through Mikveh

Tzadik  Sainthood as the Spiritual Goal of Discipleship

Tammim  A Community of Saints Who Practice the Halakah

                                    Shalem Purification of Heart, Mind, and Soul

                                    Hub  Sin as Debt or Bondage to Evil

                                    Yeshua  Liberation through Release from Bondage

                                    Shalach  The Spiritual Science of Forgiveness and Non-Retaliation

                                    Amen, Emunah  Faithfulness to Justice, Mercy, and the Way of God

                                    Deagah  Worry, fear, double-mindedness remedied by the Yetzer Ha-Tov

                                    Hesed  Spiritual Devotion, Love, and Friendship

                                    Nacham  Submission of the human personal self to Heaven

                                    Tiphlah  All the teachings on Prayer