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Each Wisdom Seminar consists of many class modules. A class module is a fascinating one-hour multimedia lecture-presentation using illustrations, animations, and video. Building upon previous modules, it develops specific topics of a Seminar. Each Seminar contains printable materials and links to the internet for deeper study. The CATALOGUE button on your left takes you to an access page for all Seminars where you can click on the icon for each available Seminar to find  its syllabus with descriptions of all class modules. Tuition for a complete seminar is less than for a comparable university extension course. One Seminar, The Initiatic Mysteries of Classical Antiquity, offers each class module separately for $20. This includes printable materials separately for each module. If you want to try out our program inexpensively, register for one of these separate modules. 

The Seminars are viewed best on DSL, Cable Modem, or other fast internet access. They do not run smoothly on a 56K modem. If you do not have Java already installed, go to http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp  It is a free download.

Some people have no problem using the Safari Browser with OS 10.X, but others do. If your browser can't get through the password page, use the Firefox Browser for Mac, which can be downloaded free at: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/internet_utilities/mozillafirefox.html. Firefox has no Mac problems and delivers a good presentation.

If you are taking Seminars to complete requirements for the Home Temple School of Sacred Studies degree program (B.D., M.Div., D.D., D.V.H.), you will find special seminars (Researching and Writing the Masters Thesis, Researching and Writing the Doctoral Dissertation, etc.) by following the private link for SCHOOL OF SACRED STUDIES DEGREE STUDENTS.
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(If the demonstration presentation doesn't run after ten seconds, refer to  TECHNICAL NOTES  at bottom of this page.)

Each complete seminar, or each separate module, has its own password-protected page.
After you log in and pay tuition (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, or by telephone), you will be sent one password for the entire Seminar, or separate passwords for each individual module you have selected. You must initially create an account with your email address so we can send you passwords. Directions are on the welcome page accessed by the Register for Classes button at the top of the CATALOGUE page. A password is valid for approximately two months. If the password is changed before you complete your sixty days of access, you can email to request the new password (Contact Us at top of welcome page).


Click on the link to the chosen course or module, then enter your password. This brings up the page for each module or complete seminar.
You will find one or more links for the narrated lecture-presentations, others for printable *.pdf documents, and numerous links to relevant internet sites.


The narrated multi-media PowerPoint presentation will load and play directly from this web site.
It has been converted to a Java-driven Impatica program. It requires no special program to run, as long as your browser has Java enabled.  It runs equally well on Mac's and PC's as well as on Internet Explorer, Netscape, and other browsers with the possible exception of Firebird. You can control volume, move backward or forward from slide to slide, and return to any slide you chose for completion or re-study at a later time. You will be unable to copy or download the copyrighted presentation, but you have permission to record the narration if you wish to keep it for private, non-commercial use or study.

IMPORTANT: Navigating the Multimedia Lecture
Once the lecture begins, it will run until finished unless you intervene. Using the navigational buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can pause, skip to the next slides, or back to previous slides. If you watch half of the lecture one day, simply start the lecture the next day and click forward to the slide you want to use as a starting place.

In the rare event that the lecture stops, click with your mouse on the screen (NOT on the navigation buttons below!). This will move to the next event on that particular slide and resume the lecture. If the lecture stops at the end of a slide and you can't make it continue by clicking on the screen, then you are ready to move to the next slide. Simply go to the navigation buttons below and click on the forward button to bring up the next slide. Normally these problems do not arise.

If the PowerPoint demonstration doesn't play, you must enable Java on your browser. Internet Explorer, Netscape, and most other browser versions current within the past several years have Java enabled by default. Otherwise open your internet browser. If it is Internet Explorer, go to Tools - Internet Options - Advanced, scroll down to Java, check the box, and restart your computer. Netscape and other browsers have similar options to activate Java. If you have the older Microsopft JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for PC, which is no longer being used, go to http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp  and click on "Get it now" for free Java software.

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Narrated Multimedia Presentations on Topics
from the Western Mystery Tradition
Adapted from University Courses
Taught by Dr. Lewis Keizer



Certificate in Basic Vedic Astrology

Certificate in Vitalistic Healing

The Kabbalistic Words of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas

The Initiatic Mysteries of Classical Antiquity,
Modules 1-6

The Western Mystery Tradition:
Medieval and Modern
Modules 1-10

The Gospel of Mary and Magdalenic Tradition

The Unknown Jesus

The Complete Yeshua Seminar

Harmonic Intoning and Chanting

Introduction to World Spirituality

Rosslyn Chapel and Esoteric Freemasonry

Gnosticism: Ancient and Modern

Page for T:.H:.G:. Initiands

Page for Home Temple School of Sacred Studies


The Kabbalistic Words of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas: Recovering the Inner-Circle Teachings of Yeshua
Also available as a paperback

Dr. Keizer's Kabbalistic Novel YESHUA: THE UNKNOWN JESUS
Also available as a paperback

Recommended for Seminar Entitled Yeshua: The Unknown Jesus
(Included in Home Temple Diaconate and Priesthood Study Materials)
Keys of the Master  
The Authentic Jesus
The Gospel of Jesus Christ

*** *** ***
Required for Studies Leading to Initiation into T:.H:.G:.
Initiation into the Grail Mysteries

*** *** ***
Other Keizer E-books:
Mother Jennie's Garden
From Astral Man to Cosmic Christ
Initiation: Ancient and Modern
The Eighth Reveals the Ninth: Nag Hammadi VI:6
Sepher Ha-Razim
Prophecies Concerning the New Church
Coptic Grammar, Texts, Glossaries

The Wandering Bishops
Priesthood in the New Age
Fundamentalism: Assault Against Democracy


The Initiatic Mysteries of Classical Antiquity,
Modules 7-8

The Hellenistic Mysteries of Hermes Trismegistos

The Mayan Wisdom Religion: The Oral Tradition Behind Whitworth's Jaguar Prince


THE WISDOM SEMINARS is an educational project of the Home Temple dba Caduceus Institute

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