Suggested Books:
Frances Yeats,
Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition
Isabel Cooper-Oakley,
The Comte de St. Germain
Joscelyn Godwin et. Al,
The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor
Countess Constance Wachtmeister,
Reminiscences of H.P. Blavatsky and
the Secret Doctrine

Kyriacos C. Markides,
The Magus of Strovolos
Tim Storlie and Grailmaster, Initiation into the Grail Mysteries


Click on each module title for presentation. (The discussion is a recording of questions and issues students brought up after Module One was taught live and onsite.

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1. HELLENISTIC ROOTS: Spiritual and Alchemical Period: 1st through 9th Centuries C.E.

Hermetic and Mithraic Spirituality
Apollonius of Tyanna
Christian Heterodoxy and Multiplicity of Apostolic Schools
Alexandrian Wisdom: Kleopatra and Miriam the Alchemists
Chinese, and Indian Alchemy
Christian Suppression of Neo-Platonic and Hermetic Mysticism: Hypatia  
Panopolis (Achmim): Hermetic Alchemical Mysticism and Pythagorean Synthesis
The Islamic Hermetic Enlightenment

Discussion from Module One

2.THE HOLY GRAIL: From Celtic San Graal to Christian Sang Real Period: 4th through 12th Centuries C.E.

Constantine and the Byzantine Church
Arius and Others Condemned in the Eucumenical Councils
Arian Theology among the Celtic Christians
Druidic and Pictic Shamanic Priesthood  
Merovingian Dynasty and the Celtic Christian  Graal Synthesis
Lake Como Masonic Tradition 
Carolingian "Holy Blood" and the Holy Roman Empire
Carolingian-Catholic Suppression of the Celtic Churches
Orders of Chivalry: Secular vs. Papal
Jewish Kabbalistic Tradition

3.THE HERMETIC SCIENCES: Astrological and Microcosm Period: 1st through 9th Centuries C.E.
Introduction to Ancient and Ptolemaic Astrology
Descent into Incarnation of the Hermetic Soul
Pythagoras, Neoplatonists: Mystic Ascent to the Ogdoad
Christian Three-Storied Universe of Cosmos Indicopleustes
Ancient Jewish Kabbalah
Macroprosopos and Microprosoposr
The Kabbalistic and Hermetic Microcosmic Soul

4. THE GOETIC ARTS: Angel Magic and Theurgy Period: 1st through 21st Centuries C.E.
Ancient Magical Arts
Soul Ascent: Plato's Allegory of the Cave
Neo-Platonic Soul Ascent and Iamblichan Theurgy
The Angels: From Babylonian Deities to Jewish Angels, Fallen Angels, and Demons
Cornelius Agrippa:
De occulta philosophia
Magical Alphabets, Symbols, Sigils, Planetary Seals, Planetary Hours, etc.
Solomonic Grimoires, Magical Circles, and Theurgical Operation
Video Demonstrations of Magical Invocation and Evocation by "Poke" Runyon, M.A.
Video: Dr. John Dee's Magical Experiments

5. PRELUDE TO THE HERMETIC RENAISSANCE: Heresy and InquisitionPeriod: 10th - 14th Centuries C.E.
Bogomiles, New-Age Mysticism, and Other Suppressed Heretical Traditions
The Papess or Female Pope of Tarot
Wycliff, the Lollards, and Protestant Beginnings
Protestant Mysticism
The Cathars of Languedoc
The Albegensian Diaspora
Jewish Kabbalistic Communities
The Episcopal and Papal Inquisitions
Torture and Victims

6. THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR AND FREEMASONRY(This is a brief introduction to a Complete Seminar entitled ESOTERIC FREEMASONRY: see Catalogue) Period: 17th-18th Centuries C.E.
The Knights Templar
VENERATION OF THE SHROUD OF TURIN  (link, no password required)
Black Friday and the Templar Diaspora
Rosslyn Chapel: Templars Introduce Ancient Initiatic Ritual into Freemasonry
Lord Bacon and "Bacon Masonry"
English Rosicrucians
Freemasons Induct Templar-Rosicrucians to Protect from Cromwell's Persecution
English and Scottish Lodges
French and European Lodges
Bavarian Illuminati and Political Revolution
American Lodges
Masonic Symbolism
Papal Inquisition Against Freemasons: Cagliostro, Casanova
The Comte de St.-Germain
The Higher Degrees: Egyptian Rites and Scottish Rites 

7. THE HERMETIC RENAISSANCE Period: 15th-16th Centuries C.E.
Arabic and European Alchemists
Albertus Magnus and the
Liber Secretorum
Raymon Lull(y) and the Spanish Hermetic Synthesis
Art of Memory
Nicholas Flammel and the Secrets of the Jewish Mage Abramelin
Fratres Lucis and the Mission of Ficcino
Corpus Hermeticum
 Emerald Tablet of Hermes
Botticelli: Hermetic Images and Music
Paracelsus, Von Helmont, and Vitalism
Cornelius Agrippa and De occulta philosophia
Sigils and Hermetic Symbols
Dr. Dee's Experiments
Nostradamus: A Sixteenth-Century Graal Mage

8. THE ROSICRUCIAN ENLIGHTENMENT Period: 17th-18th Centuries C.E.
Same password for both parts


German and English Rosicrucianism
Legend of Christian Rosencreutz
Invisible College and the Vault of CR
Rosicrucian Writers Collaborate with Lithographic Artists of the Albigensian Diaspora
Fludd, Valentine, Philalethes, Vaughn, etc.
Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz
Michael Meier's Spiritual Alchemical Emblems
Christian Cabala
Kircher's Magnetic Arts
Rosicrucian Alchemical Terms and Concepts
Alchemical Apparatus
Alchemical Allegories: Lambspring
The Illuminist Mystics: Boehme, Swedenborg

9. THE NINETEENTHY CENTURY: Post-Inquisition Flowering 

Hermetic and Masonic Fascination with Egypt
The Egyptian Rites of Memphis and Misraim
Russeau and Hermetic Nature Mysticism
Anton Mesmer
Theurgy and Evocational or "Angel" Magic
Martinez de Pasqually and the Elu Cohen
Saint-Martin and Pythagorean Martinism
Blake's Gnosticism
German Golden and Rosy Cross turns East: The Asiatic Brethren
The Gnostic Ecclesiae
European Occult Schools
Max Theon, the H:.B:.L:., and his Students Blavatsky and Mira Alfassa ("The Mother" of Sri Aurobindo)
Swedenborg, Johnny Appleseed, and European Influence on the American Frontier
Fox Sisters and the Spiritualism of Lincoln
Influence of the American Civil War
Mormonism's Connection to the European Hermetic Gnosis
Christian Science
Paschal Beverly Randolph and Sex Magic
Physical Mediums: Maude Lord-Drake; Home
East Comes West: Vivekananda and the Gospel of Ramakrishna
Blavatsky and Theosophy
Allan Kardec and Spiritism
Edgar Waite, C.C. Zain, and Other Occultists
The Hermetic Brotherhood of the Golden Dawn

10. 20th-21st CENTURIES: New Spiritual Synthesis  

Annie Besant, Krishnamurti, Alice Bailey, and Splintering of Theosophy
The Liberal Catholic Church and Independent Apostolic Bishops
The Halcyon Theosophical Community
Paul Foster Case and BOTA
The Servants of Light:
Druidism, Wicca, and Neo-Paganism
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
Manly Hall
The Roerichs
Peter Duenov, Aivanhov, and Eurhythmics
Crowley and the O.T.O.
Krumm-Heller and the F.R.A.
Rudolph Steiner and Anthroposophy
Popular Brotherhoods: Lions, Rotary, Odd Fellows, etc.;
Dion Fortune and the Servants of Light
Paul Foster Case and B.O.T.A.
Edgar Cayce and the ---
Roerichs and Agni Yoga
AMORC and other American Rosicrucian Organizations
Godfre Ray King and the "I Am" Movement
Various New Schools