Jesus taught and practiced in a context of Jewish Messianic and Gnostic mysticism that scholars have only recently been able to understand. The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Coptic Gnostic Library, the literature of Second Temple Judaism, and historical relics like the Shroud of Turin have revealed a Jesus very different from that of Christian theology.

Prophet, rabbi, and Messianic saint, Yeshua was above all a Jewish Master (Mar) or spiritual adept--what in Greek culture was known as a Theios Aner or Divine Man. He practiced psychism, soul-travel, exorcism, healing, control over elilim or elemental spirits, mystic communion with other Jewish masters of the Qimah or Resurrection like Moses and Elijah, and Divine Communion at the Merkabah or Throne of God. Recent evidence from the Shroud of Turin indicates that he performed his greatest miracle after death--the Qimah of the flesh, which was said to have been achieved only by Enoch, Moses, and Elijah.

Lewis Keizer, The Authentic Jesus: A Guide to Aramaic Idioms, Recent Research, and the Original Message of Jesus Christ (Santa Cruz, CA: Home Temple Press, 1998)
 (Part of Home Temple Diaconate Studies Module)

Keizer, Keys of the Master ($10)
(Part of Home Temple Priesthood Studies Module)

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK (can be ordered online):
Bard H. Young, The Parables: Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation
(Hendrickson Publishers, Peabody, MA, 1998-2004) ISBN 1-56563-244-3

The Other Bible, ed. W. Barnstone
The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden, ed. F. Crane
The Holy Bible, R.S.V.
Online books recommended in the Seminar materials that may be downloaded without charge

CLASS MODULES: Must Register for Entire Seminar

1. Introduction to Jesus Studies and Resources
The Problem of the Greek New Testament and History
Higher and Lower Textual Criticism
Getting Back to the Most Authentic Sources: Q, Paul, Thomas(?)
The Synoptic Problem: Mark, Matthew, Luke
The Johannine Problem

2. Jewish Prophetic and Priestly Mysticism
The Shamanic Origins of Yahwism: Moses, David, Elijah
Prophetic vs. Monarchic Religion
Emergence of Temple Mysticism: Isaiah, Jeremiah
Babylonian Captivity and the Second Temple
Hasidic and Apocalyptic Spirituality : Qumran and the
"Dead Sea Scrolls" Community (VIDEO)
Jewish Exorcism and the Problem of Spirit Possession (VIDEO)
Miraculous Powers: Prophets, Masters, and Disciples

3. Second Temple Kabbalistic Mysticism
Merkabah, Wisdom, Messianic, and Apocalyptic schools,
communities, literature, and tradition from the period
of the Second Temple (200 B.C.E. - 135 C.E.)
The Enochian, Davidic, Solomonic, and Sibylline traditions

Messianic Mysticism in Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
     and other Jewish scripture
The Kabbalistic Subtle Bodies
Ruah Ha-Qodesh or Divine Spirit (Feminine Aspect of Yahweh)

4. Views of the Coming Messiah or Christ
Development: Trito-Isaiah, Psalms, Daniel, Intertestamental
Messiah ben David vs. Messiah ben Joseph
Galilean-Babylonian Messianic Mysticism
The Messianic Gnosis of John the Baptist and the Mandaeans
Bar Enosh: The "Son of Man" Gnosis of Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus
The Messianic Gnosis of Jesus vs. Hellenistic Gnosticism and Asceticism

5. Recovering the Historical Teachings of Mar Yeshua
The Problem of Oral Transmission
Examples of key Aramaic Concepts Lost in Christianity:
Amen; Ruah Ha-Qodesh; Berith
Examples of Recovering Authentic Logia of Jesus
Introduction to Earliest Apostolic Gnosis or Inner Circle Teachings:
Logia: Gospel of Thomas

Secret Gospel of Mark
The Suppresed Magdalenic Tradition: Gospel of Mary

6. Spirituality and Religious Practices of Mar Yeshua
Havurah : The Sacred Meal or Messianic Supper of Adonai
     ("Lord's Supper")
Phalal : Shamanic Prayer (Literally "To Cut")

Mizmor : Intoned and Sung Kabbalistic Evocation ("Psalm, Song")
    Niggunim and Aliyeh
Shamar : Vigil, Meditation ("Watch" and Transfiguration)
Nacham and Orant : Postures for Prayer and Meditation
Shamayim : "Heavens" of Mary Magdelene Initiation
Mikveh: Ritual Lustration for Initiation (Baptism)
Shabbat: Sabbath and Passover Seders

7. The Vocabulary of Mar Yeshua
Amen: Faithfulness, Fidelity ("Faith")
Malkuth: Sovereignty ("Kingdom")
Lev : Center of Spiritual Reality ("Heart")
Hesed : Consciously Motivated Religious Devotion ("Love")
Nephesh, Yehidah, Neshemah : Astral Body, Soul, Spirit ("Soul")
'Olam : State of Being or Reality ("Eternity")
Mar : Spiritual Master ("Lord")
Tammim, Shalem : Uprightness, Wholeness,
      State of Being Healed ("Sainthood")
Berakah : Returning Grace ("Blessing")
Halakah : Way of Life ("Discipleship")
Hayyub : Moral debt ("Sin")
Razim : Divine Mysteries
Mebasrim : Apostles, or Bishops and their
Priesthood of Melchizedek
Qimah : Enlightenment, Continuity of Consciousness
After Death ("Resurrection")

8. Key Concepts in the Messianic Mysteries of Mar Yeshua
Guided tour through basic tenets of the Messianic mysticism that under-
lay the teachings of Jesus. Requires E-BOOK purchase of Keizer's
Keys of the Master ($10) if you not receive it as part of Priesthood Module.

9. Exegesis: Identifying and Interpreting Authentic Teachings of Jesus
Identifying Gentile Christian "Spin" in the New Testament Gospels
Identifying Gnostic and Encratitic "Spin" in Non-Canonical Gospels
Revovering the Historical Terachings
Applying Aramaic Words and Concepts to Recovered Parables and
Developing Context for Interpretation
Integrating Interpretation with Discipleship

10. The Life of Mar Yeshua
Keizer's new novel, Yeshua: The Unknown Jesus
Distinguishing Legend and Real Life
Yosef the Tekton: Childhood and Apprenticeship as a Stone Mason
The Babylonian Connection
Jesus and Women: Was Jesus Married?
John the Baptist
Galilee: Ministry, Disciples, Travels
Jerusalem: Ministry, Trial, Execution,
The Burial Shroud of Mar Yeshua and SHROUD OF TURIN studies